Life in Gaza Strip becomes miserable for Muslims

Life in Gaza Strip for the Muslim population has become miserable since last few years. The inhuman activities of Israeli army have always been continued all over Palestine. However, the current situation has become very bad.  Muslims are forced out of their houses using heavy shelling every night.

The Muslim population in Gaza strip wakes up every night with the heavy shelling of the Israeli Army. Massive air strikes on Muslim population every night have become a story of every day in Palestine. The Palestinian Muslims even cannot pray with peace. The army has no respect for the religious places as well.

Heavy use of artillery by the Israeli Army has converted the entire Gaza strip into a land of stones. The houses and other building of Muslims looks like are destroyed with bulldozers. All over Palestine the Jews are living with peace but the Muslims have no right to take a breath of silence. Especially innocent children are slaughtered everyday by the Israeli soldiers in the streets.

The Inhuman activities of the Israeli Army can be watch in the streets of Gaza strip every day. However, these things are not seen in the international media. International media can reach to the terror attacks in France but cannot see the inhuman activities in Palestine. The Muslims and their misery have been hidden from the eyes of entire world.

The Muslim population in Palestine has been forgotten by the entire world. The Israeli Army has been slaughtering the innocent Muslims every day. The streets of Gaza strip are filled with the blood of Muslims.

School in Gaza

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