Metro Bus travel becomes Problem for Lady

Traveling in metro bus becomes shameful for a lady when she misjudged the activities of a young man towards her. The young lady thought that she was mistreated by the young man as ladies are misbehaved commonly these days in the society. However, in the end it turns out being shameful the woman when the realty was reviled.

The young man in the metro bus never had tried to misbehave with lady. However, it has been seen in the society that ladies always reacts with anyone in such conditions. The young man did try to apologize but he was disrespected instead. Misjudging the actual reason, the lady become very angry on the young man and used very harsh words for him.

Several other men and women in the metro bus did try to resolve the issues as well. However, the situation between the two passengers becomes very critical for some time. It was again a similar value of the society that strange men are always seen with similar eyes by the ladies. Especially in the matters of young girls, it’s the boys who become victim always.

Metro bus system has proved being the best traveling facility in the world for any society. It provides easy commuting facility for both men and women. Especially ladies travel with a lot of society and respect in these transports system buses. These travelling systems are also very affordable for the travels of all kinds as well.

Ladies should be given dues respect in the public always. Not only traveling but in any part of the society, men should respect the women. Traveling in the Metro bus system can become very useful if people respect the rights of every individual passenger.

Girl in Bus

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