Sahir Lodhi shocked by caller in morning show

Sahir Lodhi was shocked by a liver caller in live transmission. A caller used weird words “Adhi Aurat ho Kia” for TV Host in morning show. It was an embarrassing moment for the host. However, Sahir covered the moment6 converting into an enjoyable conversation.

Eventually, Sahir Lodhi disconnected the call in the program to face any more moments like that. The famous and controversial TV Host often has to face such comments by the callers and audiences. Mostly Sahir do not take live calls very often during his morning show these days. However, due to needs of media, sometimes it becomes necessary to bring the live callers in program.

Live calls are need of every morning show these days. Callers can discuss several problems in the society with others. Any wise and experienced TV Host use the facility in a very positive manner. However, a person like Sahir Lodhi sometimes ruins the opportunities as well. He has made his character controversial in public by himself. Often his reflexes and things in TV becomes reason for making him controversial.

Sahir Lodhi has also become controversial because of his sister Shaista Lodhi. Shaista had used some weird and unwanted comments in morning show which were criticized by everyone. The TV Host and his sister have to face problems because of that program for a long time.

Leaving a side, the morning show transmissions can be used for good as well. TV Host can highlight several problems in the society and discuss to solve them with live callers. Sahir Lodhi should take examples from others who are already doing such things successfully.

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