Salman Khan sends flaying gesture to Actress

Salman Khan Caught giving flying kiss to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan during dance performed in Big Boss 9 show. The Bollywood actress was sitting in audience with husband in the hall when Salman waved a kiss towards her. Pleasant mood of actress made Abhishek very much angry and his reaction was observable.

Salman Khan these days has got busy in latest episode of his show, Big Boss 9. The Bollywood actor has reduced working in Indian film industry due to increasing work load in Big Boss 9. However, he i9s committed to come back in film industry very soon. Fans also will not allow him to stay away from cinema screen.

In past few years, Salman Khan has given several super hit movies to the Indian cinema. The Bollywood actor has biggest fan following anywhere in the world. TV Program Big Boss 9 has also increased number of fans for Salman. The show has also become famous after Salman has taken over as a host. Earlier episodes of Big Boss were not popular as much as episode 8 and nine have become.

Due working in Big Boss 9, Salman Khan had to postpone release date of his latest movie Sultan. Sultan was due to release in Bollywood film industry in mid-January. However, recoding schedule of movies was disturbed because of Big Boss. The movies were not complete on time.

After completion Big Boss 9 Salman is planning to discontinue working in program anymore. However, fans of Bollywood celebrity wants him to continue in Big Boss as well. It is also expected that if Salman Khan quits Big Boss, popularity of show will become zero.


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