Woman faces problem with traveler in Metro bus

An alone lady traveling in a metro bus had to face shameful problem with a young man. He tried to treat her unethically in middle of several passengers in the bus. It was a very bad show of ethical values of society in the bus with ladies.

Traveling in metro bus has always been very difficult for the ladies. Women in the society have never found it very easy to travel in-between the men. However, in c=some countries, there are separate travelling arrangements for the ladies. Especially in Islamic countries, women mostly travel separately. Men are not allowed into the female area in the public buses.

Watch Video: http://newstarka.com/usDQa

Since the Metro bus concept was introduced in Pakistan, traveling for ladies have also become very easy. Women now travel very easily from one place to another avoiding all the problems of the society. It has seen that men of bad character have mostly been involved in weird activates against the females. They leave no opportunity behind of women discrimination.

Men should not forget always that ladies of their own family have to travel in the public buses in the same way. If they will do badly to someone, the society will do badly to their women in return. Traveling in the metro bus one should look at every woman like the lady of his family.

Ladies should be treated with respect in the society by everyone. They have equal right to enjoy the independence of life as men do. Metro bus provides a safe way of commuting if people behave properly.

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